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Planetary Health Alliance
2 min readFeb 17, 2024

In 2023, PHA staff and leaders took to the stages and microphones for the following sampling of over 30 events, arranged alphabetically:

  • Butterfield Upstream Fund Keynote and Lecture, Washington State University
  • Climate Change & Health 2023: Achieving Human and Planetary Health through Sustainability Action (Virtual by MGH)
  • Climate Weeks including Africa and Asia
  • Congress of the International Council of Nurses
  • Consortium of Universities of Global Health
  • Crested Butte Public Policy Forum
  • EcoAmerica’s National Health and Climate Forum
  • Encuentro Internacional de Ecosalud
  • EuroNet MRPH Congress: Health in a Changing World
  • European Union Youth Sounding Board for International Partnerships, Intergenerational Dialogue Consultation
  • Garrison Institute Forum: Metamorphosis
  • Global Mental Health Conference: Research Without Borders
  • Global Summit Science, Nature, and Health
  • Harvard Global Health Institute Symposium
  • Health in a Changing Climate conference
  • InterAmerican Institute for Global Environmental Change, 55th Executive Council and 31st COP, Panama
  • International Congress on Academic Medicine
  • International Conference on Public Health in Africa
  • Latin American Congress on Planetary Health
  • McDonnell International Scholars Academy International Symposium
  • National Academy of Medicine
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  • Nova Campfire
  • Planetary Health Congress,
  • Planetary Health Equity Future Leaders Program
  • Planetary Health Forum, Berlin
  • Sacred Places and Public Health Summit
  • Teach Global Health Summer Institute
  • Turkish Federation of Family Medicine Associations 2023 Congress
  • UNFCCC planetary health-focused side session on December 12 with Alliance of Nurses for Health Environments
  • WEAll Talk: Why your life depends on restructuring the economy
  • Workshop: Promoting Postgraduate Education in Planetary Health in Europe
  • World Conference on Forests for Public Health
  • World Economic Forum Tianjin Summer Davos Forum
  • World Economic Forum: Sustainable Development Impact Meetings

…and more! Share your 2024 Planetary Health events and speaking engagements with us.


Protecting our planet an Indigenous vision for intergenerational health

This list does not include UN-level and intergovernmental meetings. Learn more about those in our upcoming 2023 Year in Review!



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