This Week in Planetary Health: Oct 27, 2017

  • Sir Andy Haines speaks about planetary health at the launch of the Bridge Collaborative.
  • Dr. Doaa Abdel Motaal‏ speaks about planetary health at the World Resources Forum.
  • ASTMH Annual Meeting in November has a planetary health focused session.
  • The Lancet Countdown’s 2017 report is launching on October 31 with events around the world.
  • Monash University is hiring a postdoctoral Research Fellow in Interdisciplinarity and Sustainable Development in planetary health under the (RISE) program.
  • Global PDX is hosting an event on “Achieving the SDGs” on November 17 at Portland State University, with a session on planetary health.
  • Dr. Peter Tait is awarded the Sidney Sax Public Health Medal by the Public Health Association Australia for his work in planetary health.
  • The Nature Conservancy publishes a new report on the impact of trees in urban areas leading to better human health.

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