SPD Spotlight: Girawa

Girawa means ‘parrot’ in Sinhala, and the logo displays the endemic Sri Lankan hanging parrot. The parrot is a key pollinator for the plants from which it feeds, highlighting how nature is formed of interconnected systems. Image shared with Girawa’s permission.
In this image, an educator from within the community delivers a session to students. Girawa trains local educators to learn from, adapt and deliver the educational materials themselves. This ensures that lessons and activities are culturally relevant, and empowers educators to adopt a solutions-focused Planetary Health perspective. Image shared with permission from Girawa and the Foundation of Goodness.
In this image, an educator from the Foundation of Goodness is delivering an outdoor session to students in a local coastal area. The session involved discussing the importance of local mangroves, which create habitats for local wildlife, sequester carbon emissions, and protect against coastal erosion. Students also learned of the importance of oceans as a source of fish and oxygen-producing plankton, and the detrimental effects of plastic pollution. Image shared with permission from Girawa and the Foundation of Goodness.
These are examples of the educational materials Dr. Anusha developed as part of Girawa’s outreach, which focuses on helping students to understand Planetary Health in a way that is relevant to their specific local contexts. Resources shared with permission from Girawa.
Clubé Saúde Planetária Lins (CSPL), based in the Lins District of São Paulo, Brazil, works closely with Girawa to deliver important educational materials and training to the local community. This successful partnership was initiated through Hylo, a collaborative communication platform available to members of the PHA community. Image shared with the permission of CSPL and Girawa.



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