Climate Change and Vulnerability to Emerging Infections: Nature’s Revenge or Our Fate!

  • We need to reduce our dependence on animals for food consumption and reliance on using animal body parts (flesh, bones, teeth, nails, skin, etc.) in the fashion and medical industries.
  • We must halt the destruction of Nature in the name of sustainable development
  • We have to ensure access to healthy cities to live in and work through Nature-based solutions, such as renaturing cities.
  • We need to strengthen our investment in law enforcement to save wildlife from the illegal wildlife trades.
  • We must devise long-term plans to improve the quality of life for those involved in the wildlife trade in order to incentivize them to move away from the business.



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Planetary Health Alliance

Planetary Health Alliance


Generating better understanding of the links between accelerating global environmental change and human health to support policy making and public education