Hannah Marcus

The climate crisis is exerting rising pressure on global water resources. According to the 2018 United Nations (UN) World Water Development Report, by 2050, 4.8–5.7 billion people will be living in water-insecure regions. With its naturally arid climate, the Middle East, alongside parts of North Africa, will be…

Aminat Adebayo

Thrifted clothing, popularly known as second-hand clothes, are cheap/affordable used clothes which in most circumstances are in good condition.

There are various reasons people go thrift-shopping. One is because they believe it allows them to get designer products at a very cheap price. It also gives them the…

K M Saif — Ur — Rahman
Health Systems and Population Studies Division, icddr,b, Bangladesh
Graduate school of Medicine, Nagoya University, Japan

Sabrina Ahmed
Department of Public Health, Shiga University of Public Health, Shiga, Japan

Muhammad Asaduzzaman
Centre for Global Health, Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Philippa Simmonds

The scale of global meat consumption is a challenge that perfectly demonstrates synergies between human health and environmental systems. According to a succession of high-profile global and national publications, reducing meat consumption in high-income ‘Western’ countries could be a key component of ensuring a liveable planet for future…

Aminat Adebayo, PHCA 2021

The interconnection of nature with everything on earth is inextricable — from food, water, raw materials, medicinal resources, weather patterns , Earth’s beauty, and even how nature is an integral part of our recreation and tourism. Everything is connected..

As nature covers every aspect of our…

Ke Ding (Duke)

We have been living in the shadow of COVID-19 for more than a year now and there are many differences in our daily lives compared to pre-pandemic. Spending more time outside is one of these differences. As a college student, I experienced being unable to meet indoors…

Nancy Drew


The onset of diabetes can bring about a life-changing turning point. The disease of diabetes occurs when one’s blood sugar, which is also called blood glucose, increases beyond a certain point. Blood glucose is a vital source of energy, which comes from the food humans ingest. …

Kavyashree Swamygowda, Linda Heiß and Yasodhara Peddi
University of Stuttgart, Germany

A studio at the Institute for Landscape Planning and Ecology, the University of Stuttgart, named Urban Green and Public Health, brought us — Kavya, Linda and Yasodhara — together in looking at off-beat approaches to improving residents’ health in…

Hannah Marcus

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted global focus towards reconciling human interactions with nature. Identifying the key drivers of zoonotic disease emergence as land-use change, agricultural intensification, livestock production, and wildlife consumption, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature(1) has called for more focused policy efforts to eliminate deforestation and…

Aminat Adebayo, 2021 Planetary Health Campus Ambassador

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind today. Food waste is a massive market inefficiency, the kind that does not exist in other industries. 800 million people go to bed hungry every night, meaning that 1 in 9 people on…

Planetary Health Alliance

Generating better understanding of the links between accelerating global environmental change and human health to support policy making and public education

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