Aminat Adebayo, PHCA 2021

The interconnection of nature with everything on earth is inextricable — from food, water, raw materials, medicinal resources, weather patterns , Earth’s beauty, and even how nature is an integral part of our recreation and tourism. Everything is connected..

As nature covers every aspect of our lives, we could call it the root of our existence. Is it not mind-boggling that humans extensively treat nature as a resource to be exploited?

Since the industrialization era, human activities have been tampering with nature. From how we generate power through dam rivers, how we control water for irrigation…

Ke Ding (Duke)

Image Source: Ljupco/iStock, belander/iStock

We have been living in the shadow of COVID-19 for more than a year now and there are many differences in our daily lives compared to pre-pandemic. Spending more time outside is one of these differences. As a college student, I experienced being unable to meet indoors on campus at the height of the pandemic. Instead, we gathered together in outdoor green spaces. We studied, ate, and relaxed outside — in the winter months we huddled around heaters provided by the university, and in the summer we were warmed by the sun.

This experience sparked my curiosity…

Nancy Drew


The onset of diabetes can bring about a life-changing turning point. The disease of diabetes occurs when one’s blood sugar, which is also called blood glucose, increases beyond a certain point. Blood glucose is a vital source of energy, which comes from the food humans ingest. Hormones called insulin, which are made up of glands across the body, help distribute glucose in people’s cells, ultimately producing energy.

Sometimes, one’s body does not make an adequate amount of insulin. This results in glucose staying in the bloodstream itself instead of reaching cells to produce energy. Diabetes not only…

Kavyashree Swamygowda, Linda Heiß and Yasodhara Peddi
University of Stuttgart, Germany

A studio at the Institute for Landscape Planning and Ecology, the University of Stuttgart, named Urban Green and Public Health, brought us — Kavya, Linda and Yasodhara — together in looking at off-beat approaches to improving residents’ health in cities. With two of us hailing from India and the other an ardent enthusiast of the Indian culture, we chose Bengaluru, a city in India, as our focal area for our studio project, where we were tasked with exploring greening strategies in cities that could enhance public health.

Garden City…

Hannah Marcus

Eco-Guards in Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted global focus towards reconciling human interactions with nature. Identifying the key drivers of zoonotic disease emergence as land-use change, agricultural intensification, livestock production, and wildlife consumption, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature(1) has called for more focused policy efforts to eliminate deforestation and promote conservation. Similar calls have been articulated in the United Nations Environmental Program’s Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework(2) and, most recently, at the One Planet Summit for Biodiversity(3) this past January.

Indeed, the global momentum for ecological conservation is on the rise amidst a pandemic-driven ethos favouring the restoration of harmony…

Aminat Adebayo, 2021 Planetary Health Campus Ambassador

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind today. Food waste is a massive market inefficiency, the kind that does not exist in other industries. 800 million people go to bed hungry every night, meaning that 1 in 9 people on the planet who are starving or malnourished. The worst part? Each and every one of them could be sufficiently fed using less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the USA, UK and Europe each year.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United…

By Melvine Otieno

Climate change could not be more real at the Lake Victoria Basin. Negative impacts arising from the management of catchment are clear and they play out right before our eyes at the lake’s ecosystem. The intensive land use as the community’s sole source of income leads to clearance of new sensitive land ( steep slope conserved forest) which makes the land more vulnerable to degradation and overuse. Long-term mono-cropping is evident, leading to the depletion of nutrients from soil. Lake Victoria’s water level has risen highly as a result of the continuous land-use changes caused by the…

January 25, 2021

We live in a world of networks, constellations, communities, and ecosystems. An interconnected and imperiled society that — perhaps now more than ever — requires trustworthy and effective online tools to harness collective values, sensemaking, and action from the local to global scale.

The Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) and Terran Collective are thrilled to announce their purpose-driven partnership to further the development of Hylo: a digital social coordination platform to amplify cooperation among people regenerating communities and the planet. …

Muhammad Asaduzzaman
Research Fellow, Centre for Global Health, University of Oslo, Norway
PHA Next Gen Member

Gabriella Rodriguez
2020 PHA Campus Ambassador, University of Oslo, Norway

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the capability of microorganisms to persist and continue their life cycle when they are exposed to antimicrobial drugs. Infections caused by AMR organisms are difficult or impossible to treat, resulting in significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. With increased focus on AMR organisms and antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in the environment, we can better understand and potentially prevent the spread of AMR throughout the environment, animals and humans. AMR is one…

Khadija Hassan, Ambassador | The Community Check-Up

The Community Check-Up is a national organization that works with youth all across the country to raise awareness about environmental health disparities. My journey as an ambassador at The Community Check-Up started through a post on my Instagram feed, when I came upon the application to come onboard as an ambassador. Not thinking much of it, I filled out the application and to my surprise, I got the position. Little did I know, this was about to become one of my greatest accomplishments. Being an ambassador at The Community Check-Up has been rewarding…

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